How many times have you witnessed or experienced a well-dressed, well groomed person who is noticed by others but no one acknowledges them? How often do we tell others what we do not like about them without identifying the things we do like? A pure and rare form of revealing your own confidence is instilling confidence in others. Do this by giving genuine compliments–whether or not you know or like the person. Your compliment could be one of the few affirmative things the person hears. The following is a list of compliments you must give today:

  1. Your personality is one of my favorite things about you.

Take the time to find the positive in that person. Are they funny? Do they make you feel good about yourself? Acknowledge that the person does have greatness within them so that they can replay this in their mind throughout the day.

  1. I love that you are passionate about ______________.

You may be surprised at how a  person will  light up when they are discussing things they are enthusiastic about or dedicated to. The fact that you recognized their passion will show that you care about what they care about.

  1. Please stop talking about my beautiful friend (when the person is speaking negatively about themselves).

It is a habit for many to put themselves down. The negative voices in a person’s head often verbalizes itself right after you give a compliment. If you tell someone you liked their speech and they reply, “Oh, I used so many words wrong and my grammar was incorrect!”, this is the compliment to use to redirect them. It will throw them off initially because they are going to wonder what “friend” you are talking about. Tell them that they are your friend and you don’t like when they talk about themselves.

  1. You are wearing that crown!

You live among kings and queens who often do not realize they have the ability to own the ground they walk on. Remind them to shine.

  1. Gorgeous smile!

Many do not smile for many reasons. Teeth are a big hang up for so many. Some are depressed and feel they have no reason to smile. Many smile, but is not genuine because of pain they experience but do not share. When someone gets caught up in a laugh or when you find them smiling, acknowledge it.54963-600x399-Smiling

  1. I am proud of you.

Words that will make a child smile… adults are just big kids that need to hear the same.

  1. I need and appreciate you.

People wear so many hats that it is easy to overlook how much they do. You may not be able to pay them monetarily for everything they have done, but you can pay them with your words.

  1. You are so loveable.

Some do not hear the words “I love you” every day or from those that they long to hear it from. Take the time to remind them that they are loved.

  1. God loves you.

It is important to know that even in your darkest moment when you feel that you are alone, there is a higher power that is thinking of, watching over and caring for you. You never know what a person is going through and just reminding them that they are not alone could bring them the confidence to continue moving forward with their day. Saying this short phrase can break a chain of negativity experienced by the person before they encountered you.



When sharing these compliments with others, you are not only elevating the person you are speaking to, but you are also encouraging yourself. There is an powerful feeling of serenity and delight that follows from making someone else’s day.

Do it, today.