Young people dream of perfect lives, attractive spouses, loving friends, peaceful lives, and a world full of people who adore them. Some dream right up to and through adulthood; but never realize their dreams into reality. Then they discard all the dreams and replace it with bitterness. Why is this happening–and are you doing it?

What do you see when you look in the mirror?woman-in-purple-tank-looking-at-stomach-in-mirror

Do you see the beauty of your smile? The brightness of your eyes? Or do you look in the mirror and grimace at finding every blemish, wrinkle, pimple, oil spot, missing eyelash and un-plucked eyebrow hair? Of course you want to make improvements to yourself, but don’t allow that to be your sole focus. Find the good elements in your physique as it is today, and start from there. Build from the inside-out and magnify the minute as you grow.

Yes, God knows your heart… But Do You?

You take the opportunity to be rude to someone, claiming the reason you cursed them out is because you had to ‘put them in their place’– but God knows your heart. God knows that you could have made a different choice in the moment, but you rejected doing something peaceful in order to prove your own point. The question is: do you know your own heart? What is in it? What caused you to lash out instead of finding a peaceful resolve to your issue? Examine that while God continues to examine your heart. You can’t build yourself up on a compromised foundation.

Are you offended by positivity?angry-woman-2

Your suit: flawless. Your hair: primed, proper and on point. As are the shoes. Someone says to you, “You look wonderful today!” If your response is “So I don’t look good on other days?” then check yourself. People who meet greetings with grumblings run their welcome out in social circles and fumble away opportunities to increase in life. Even worse, you build a brand that goes out in front of you, promoted by other people as being a negative person to be around. Get the bitterness out of you. It’s not attractive.

Are you really taking care of yourself?

When you take a shower, are you using Dollar Tree Store soap? Maybe you have sensitive skin and you have to wash with a specific cleanser with better ingredients. You make sure you have that soap, right? Treat yourself the way you treat your skin. You are sensitive, a person who needs sensitive people surrounding you. You are careful when you wash, especially in sensitive areas. Be careful whom you allow in your sensitive spaces. All of them. Outdated wash (and people), that is stale and old needs to be trashed. You wouldn’t keep a broken bottle that loses content; don’t allow people or things to drain you! All of those people who use words that downgrade you need to be removed immediately from your shower shelf and placed in the trash! This is how you take care of yourself and effectively throw out trash.

Note: Know the difference between downgrading comments and constructive criticism, because everybody who says great things about you isn’t necessarily in your corner either. Wisdom is needed.