8 Things Every Confident Woman Owns

Confident women are awesome in every way whether it be a grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, aunt or a girl friend. They bring life to earth through the inspiration they deliver. Besides being a beacon in a typical woman's role, these women are a landmarks in business and personal success. Personal belongings set them apart. The

6 Things to Leave Behind

Resolutions, resolutions, resolutions! You are in 2016: another year added to the calendar and your life. Positive minded people strive to make every coming day better than before for a brighter life and for the world. Like every other year that passed in your life, 2015 wasn’t error-free. There were things that needed to be

5 Curves That Bring Confidence

How can you find your curves? Surely, it is not from posing backwards to a camera. While there may be a curve there, this is not the curve that should be emphasized. Identify your curves through your life experiences! Everyone has a choice on how they will be shaped.  The Cupped Hands Be confident enough

8 Ways to be a Weight Lifter

Whether you are a bodybuilder or someone who encourages others, it is tough lifting weights. However, it is not impossible. Follow these recommended steps to discover a healthier, stronger you.

Do You Reject Goodness?

Young people dream of perfect lives, attractive spouses, loving friends, peaceful lives, and a world full of people who adore them. Some dream right up to and through adulthood; but never realize their dreams into reality. Then they discard all the dreams and replace it with bitterness. Why is this happening--and are you doing it?

12 Books That Will Increase Your Confidence

You read to open up your understanding of this planet you live on, gathering traces of learnings from people that have done something you perceive of value. You also read to re-inspire yourself, challenging your belief that where you have stalled in life is the maximum of what can be achieved. To that point, here

8 Compliments You Must Give Today

How many times have you witnessed or experienced a well-dressed, well groomed person who is noticed by others but no one acknowledges them? How often do we tell others what we do not like about them without identifying the things we do like? A pure and rare form of revealing your own confidence is instilling

6 Ways to Cope While Smiling Through Pain

Have you ever questioned the purpose of smiling through pain? What is the point of pretending to be happy? I thought this time of my life ended after overcoming sexual abuse. These times will reappear in our lives. Even as coworkers call you names or bash you behind closed doors without getting to know you, you

Shaken Soda

You are so cold. It is not easy looking into the complex eyes of an adult man who preached the word of God only days before, who was invited as a cousin to the family dinners; who drove you to and from high school. The trusted fellow, he helps your mother with maintaining the household