Learn how to snatch back your crown and reign over your life!

With a crown, you are unstoppable…

You may have come from a background of fear, filled with catastrophe, abuse, self-doubt and low self-esteem. More than likely this left you with years of feelings of helplessness and feeling bothered.  However, there is something deep down inside of you tugging at your heart and mind that you were created to be and do better! In your mind you are doing your absolute best, but you have a feeling that there is more in store for you, somewhere, somehow… You want to become “unbothered” and experience the royalty that lives in you.

But first, you must begin by:

  • Living under the standards of success, not society
  • Living in the dreams of your passion, not what your friends and family say you must be or do
  • Retraining your mind that you are worthy of great expectations
  • Being concerned only with your greatness and not the opinions of others
  • Being OK to saying NO to everything and everyone else sometimes and start saying YES to you!

Sounds easy… but you must be strategic in developing your confidence in this fashion.

Confidence is believing that you are worthy of walking on gold–you are worthy of elevating yourself, your lifestyle, your passions and dreams! You have to show up in the world because there are so many who are awaiting your greatness!

I will teach you how to think and live confidently.

Showing up in your greatness in the world isn’t easy and many of us need a supporter and honest, non-judgmental feedback.

I am the type of coach that will:

  • Laugh and pray with you
  • Provide resources and tools that will support you in your development
  • Eliminate the fluff and give you unadulterated truth

I love working with the types of clients who:

  • Have a yearning for personal success and a strong desire to do whatever it takes to get there
  • Are ready to find out how great they are and realizes already that greatness is within them
  • Pursues follow-through and meet deadlines
  • Are creative and “unbothered” about trying new things
  • Clearly wants change and is ready to stop living up to the expectations of others

What other queens have said about me…

I would like to thank you for being a source of encouragement in my time of need. You exude confidence! Your energy rubbed off on me!


I showed you an outline, you said, “…write the book.”

A divine connection is one that has not been planned, manipulated or constructed by man, rather orchestrated by God—that is what I have found in LaQuisha Hall, Couture’d Confidence Coach & CEO. From the start and throughout this process of writing my initial book she has had an unwavering confidence in my ability to not only finish the assignment, but to finish strong! Her 1:1 time, patience, support, undivided attention, energies, assistance, guidance, check-ins, time-management, tools and tips have laid an incredible foundation for this new season in my life and business. Never in a million years, literally, would I have thought I would be able to write my 1st book in less than 2 months! While making it a seamless process, she kept me FOCUSED on the goal— the product. This has been a birthing experience for me and I now know with assurance that anything is possible if you couple your BELIEF with ACTION, DEDICATION and DETERMINATION.  

I am and will forever be grateful and appreciative for the coaching and guidance received from LaQuisha Hall in birthing out my 1st book. While I always had belief in myself, her belief, in so many ways, has shifted my perspective, elevated my self-belief, stretched my borders and capacity to MANIFEST beyond my wildest dreams! For that, I say thank You, thank You, thank You! This has indeed been a move, “From Reality to a Wealthy Place.”

– Mone’t S. Horton, Chief Inspiration Officer, Mo’s Enterprise LLC


Confidence Coaching…

I have been a coach for over a decade, but a Confidence Coach since 2012. I merge all of my experiences and some of the latest educational trends that differentiates your learning style from others.

My method of coaching has been refined through educational practices and fine-tuned from living like a queen. There are 3 essential practices in walking on gold and understanding how to CUE the royalty within you:

  1. Commit. Devote and dedicate time to your voice, your connections and your talents/skills.
  2. Upgrade. Improve and update your mindset, your appearance and your output(s).
  3. Evaluate. Examine and assess your self-care, attitude and gratitude practices.

My coaching process is sure to work if you do the work. However, there is no cookie-cutter cutter method. After working in education for over a decade, I have tested and refined my method by delivering differentiated instruction to my clients–working with you at your level.
Whether you need a meeting to jump start your efforts or coaching over time, we will work together to bring out your confidence and inner royalty. Together, we can make purposeful and passion-filled plans for your life and see them come to pass.

From the moment you share interest in my services, I will help you find, polish and refine your crown!

1 month of coaching | 4 45-minute sessions | $310
Quarterly Coaching | 3 months of 12 45-minute sessions | $999 
After your payment, I need you to schedule your first session with me. You can schedule your first (or all of your sessions) here. Please only schedule one session per week.
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