Bible art journaling is a growing, international movement where people create art on the pages of their Bibles as a creative devotional process. Through Confident Canvas, LaQuisha Hall has introduced one of her ways of worship to her audience. Now, you too can join in this worship process and get a customized jumpstart by the artist herself! You do not have to be artist to be a journaler: if you have a passion for God and can write, draw or paint about it, you are ready to begin! These Bibles make beautiful gifts for special occasions or memorable moments. With your purchase you will receive:
  • One full 66-book version of your choice Bible
  • A customization of the page(s) of your favorite or designated scripture
  • One art item to begin¬†your own creative journaling (stickers, washi tape, pen, etc.)
  • A personalized note of encouragement from LaQuisha
Join LaQuisha in this powerful spiritual journey or give a bible as a gift!