5 Curves That Bring Confidence

How can you find your curves? Surely, it is not from posing backwards to a camera. While there may be a curve there, this is not the curve that should be emphasized. Identify your curves through your life experiences! Everyone has a choice on how they will be shaped.  The Cupped Hands Be confident enough

8 Ways to be a Weight Lifter

Whether you are a bodybuilder or someone who encourages others, it is tough lifting weights. However, it is not impossible. Follow these recommended steps to discover a healthier, stronger you.

Do You Reject Goodness?

Young people dream of perfect lives, attractive spouses, loving friends, peaceful lives, and a world full of people who adore them. Some dream right up to and through adulthood; but never realize their dreams into reality. Then they discard all the dreams and replace it with bitterness. Why is this happening--and are you doing it?