How can you find your curves? Surely, it is not from posing backwards to a camera. While there may be a curve there, this is not the curve that should be emphasized. Identify your curves through your life experiences! Everyone has a choice on how they will be shaped. 

The Cupped Hands1000595100_eea2e493c4_o

Be confident enough to ask for or give help. This is a curve that many are either fearful or ashamed of. Do not be afraid to give or receive; don’t even worry about giving at times when you do not have it all together. Every need that you have ever had has been supplied throughout your life until now—think about it. There may have been times that you were down to your last and you experienced a sudden increase or your need was provided. To position your hands to give or receive should be counted as an honor.

The Arms Curved for Hugs

How many times have heard someone say that they are not a “touchy-feely” person? Extend your arms in elongated curves to show love, even to those who are not touchy-feely. It is a great feeling to give and receive love. No matter what size you are, you can curve so much love around the heart of another person.

standing-straight-womanThe Arch of Confidence in Your Back

Doctors visit secondary schools at least once a year checking for various ailments… cavities, lice and scoliosis. Youth learn very early that scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. Throughout a normal school day, students can be spotted slouched or slumped in their desk chairs. But, on the day of this checkup, everyone would sit straight up, concerned that they would receive a negative diagnosis. Practice standing or sitting with confidence: shoulders rolled back, chin perpendicular to the body. The natural curve in your back will be the result of sitting with poise. This will allow you to stand tall and secure in yourself, which will serve as an inspiration to those who follow you.

The Curve of Your Mouth1d3cd5efb76d3eda018fae20229b1e46

Life is an ongoing process of the curve around road blocks; you have many to overcome. People in your neighborhood deal with abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, anxiety and a plethora of other internal and external pains. These issues are expected to break you. You can bend (or curve), but don’t break. To prevent breakage, use your mouth to pray and speak life into yourself and others. Inspire with encouragement, affirmations and compliments. Life will throw you a curve ball, but eventually the ball has to fall to the ground. At that point, curve your lips into a beautiful smile, showing the world a living reminder of how victorious you are.


The Arch in Your Feet

Use the arch of your feet wisely: to walk over stumbling blocks and obstacles. Not only should you step over these blocks but you should never allow them to turn you backwards. Be determined to keep moving forward, even though it is a natural reaction to want to look back and see what you stumbled over. But is it necessary? You stepped over it. Keep moving and don’t worry about what it was. Also, remember that it is what it was, not what it is; it is in your past!