cute-pink-fit-woman-body-silhouette-vector-3268796Whether you are a bodybuilder or someone whoΒ encourages others, it is tough lifting weights. However, it is not impossible. Follow these recommended steps to discover a healthier, stronger you.

1. Survey the weights.

Look closely at what you are working with and identify the weights you are dealing with. Are you dealing with overcoming pain from the past? Are you stressed or is your confidence low? Admitting that you have a weight and identifying what that weight is will assist you in tackling it.

2. Have a great technique.

No weight lifter just walks in the gym and begins lifting or working out. They have repetitions. Pace yourself! Set a goal or milestones and work strategically to accomplish it.

3. Be strong.

Sometimes you don’t feel like lifting any weights. Before you can physically be strong, you have to be mentally strong. Speak life and encouragement to yourself to keep moving!

4. Be aggressive.

You have to fight, sweat and sometimes bleed for what you want. When lifting heavy weights, you lift it with force and determination, not casually. Get a firm grip on yourself and the weight so you can firmly cast it away.11717217_10207149601203120_1871135229_n

5. Be patient.

You cannot workout for two days and expect to look like a body builder in 48 hours. Lifting weights, especially the very heavy weights, takes time. When you get impatient, keep working out. You are bound to see results!

6. Leave the weights in the room.

When you leave a gym you never take the weights with you. When you plan your day, month or year, stop planning to take the weights with you! Stop carrying the weights where they don’t belong.

7. Look at a visual reminder of your accomplishment.

Mirrors fill gyms so you can get a good look. When you get bulky, get bold! Celebrate your victory of overcoming the burden that held you down for so long. Take pictures of it! This is a great encouragement and confidence booster to keep going!

8. Strut your stuff.

Do not walk out of a gym looking defeated! Walk like you have experienced change–positive change. Remember that you are weightless when you leave. Once you have released the weights, you can rejoice and practically float!

Later, after you get the results you want in your life, if you see your sister fall in any of these areas, help her out! Be a trainer and remind her to follow the steps outlined in this blog entry.