8 Things Every Confident Woman OwnsConfident women are awesome in every way whether it be a grandmother, mother, daughter, wife, aunt or a girl friend. They bring life to earth through the inspiration they deliver. Besides being a beacon in a typical woman’s role, these women are a landmarks in business and personal success. Personal belongings set them apart. The following are 8 possessions common to most of them.

A Journal.

A journal is a chronicle of your life and you record all that is worth a mention in your life. You are confident about your moments and you love a glimpse into your past in the moments of gratitude and sorrow since you are sure of yourself.3bd0b717-c36d-433d-b14b-9eae680095fd

Inspirational Books.

The most commonly owned single item with confident women is an inspirational book. Such books would help you sail through many a tough times in life. If you are a confident woman (or aspiring to be a confident one), get your copy of an inspirational book from a chart topper list.


Business Cards.

You will always carry a good supply of business cards (a card that goes well with your personal style). It shows that you are ready and prepared for business. It reflects on your  confidence to handle impromptu situations and get the most from life on the go.

business card


This is where and why you excel in life. You always have a vision for your life and you  never let it freeze. You keep it dynamic and  revise it with changing times. You create a plan and execute your vision no matter what it takes. img_1825

Mentee Relationship.

You are always accessible and open to those that you accept as your mentors. You ask for leading clues in life from such people and abide by the tips they give. You are cautious and discrete about your mentors.f696962f-3f9a-45ac-b479-fdbabeabfff1

Mentor Relationship.

You are an all rounder and diverse, so you are a mentor in your own right apart from being a mentee. When you are mentoring, you are expected to be extremely forthcoming and sincere in your advice. You can be trusted and offer valuable wisdom because you seek mentorship yourself.Displaying IMG_0457.JPGDisplaying IMG_0457.JPG92492e82-9515-4fc2-b293-9c4fda1880e8


You belong to a class, a class of leaders. You are not envious of others in your class and you carry the mark of your achievements in your persona. You associate only with those who also have high aspirations and goals. You admire the style and looks of those in your class while keeping your own individuality.DSC_6427

Fabulous Photographs.

You don’t just have the part, you look the part! Confident women know the value of style and promoting their best self. Your best self can be shown through a beautiful photo of vibrant colors and a dazzling smile.


Which of these 8 do you possess already? Are there any you need to work on retrieving?