slay-your-last-quarter-goalsYou are not here to be average. You are here to SLAY! With only three months left in the year, how will you execute your final projects or complete unfinish goals? The following is a list to get you motivated and slaying in the right direction:

1.Pray for divine direction.

Consult God to ensure that the goals you are pursuing are ordained by Him. You always want to only do what is in God’s will.

2. Frame your goal sheet.

After completing the goal sheet, you want the presentation of it to be inviting so that you will revisit it again and again for the next 3 months. Subscribe to my newsletter to get a goal sheet FREE!

3. Hang your goal sheet in a prominent location.

You must view your goals daily to keep track of the steps. Hang it in your office, bedroom or other area that you frequent.

4. Share your goal sheet with your accountability partner.

It is always wise to ask for help. Ask your accountability partner to review and help you keep track of your goals.

5. Restart daily, even if you miss a deadline.

Do not become discouraged if you miss a deadline. Start again the next day and adjust as needed. The ultimate completion date is Dec. 31st!

6. Celebrate and share your positive results!

As you complete the steps needed to reach your goals, share your success verbally or via social media. Let others celebrate with you!