50 Ways To Overcome Depression and Reclaim Your Confidence

Sedentary lifestyle and rising economic crisis are two crucial factors that have created a very complicated condition among mankind called depression. It is caused by intense and constant stress, nutritional deficiency or even body chemical imbalance. It is possible to overcome depression without making use of medicine. This guide of 50 ways to get rid

Eat Confidence for Breakfast: 7 morning routines of empowered people

Morning is the most precious time of the day since it allows you to plan your day before the world fills it with noise. Building a routine helps your morning become efficient, calm and energizes your day as a woman. Below are daily routines that successful women around the world follow. Praying Starting with a

UNO! 5 Strategies to Win the Game of Life

One of my personal favorite card games to play is UNO. I play this game against young people and adults. No matter who my opponents are, there is a tense, ultimate competition. I actually find it quite thrilling to be forced to "draw 2" or be surprised by my neighbor who slams down the "draw

8 Things You Must be Confidently Plugged Into

Photo Credit: Grumpy Panda Photography Despite the strides that women have made in the 21st century, there are still many challenges that they face on the way to success. As a woman facing these challenges will need empowerment to give you the skills to face them, and some means of staying grounded so