Morning is the most precious time of the day since it allows you to plan your day before the world fills it with noise. Building a routine helps your morning become efficient, calm and energizes your day as a woman. Below are daily routines that successful women around the world follow.

  1. Praying

Starting with a word to the Almighty not only makes you feel protected throughout the day but also makes you feel loved and cared for. It does not matter your religion, start by thanking the Almighty for the night and ask for blessings in the day ahead.

  1. Saying affirmations

Your mind has two parts: a conscious and subconscious mind. The subconscious mind picks what you expressly say in the conscious realm and gives it the power of realizing it. Affirmations create an environment of success in your mind and attract positive energy to make the day as you wish it to be.

  1. Meditation

Meditation helps put your mind together into the present. It also helps you reflect on who you are and your capabilities. Putting your mind to the present helps fight a myriad of depressing thoughts, anxiety and helps you stay alert all day.

  1. Drinking water

Your body is made of 75% water. You must keep the body hydrated all day by drinking at least two glasses of water. Water keeps your skin supple, cleanses your colon, and resets the electrolyte balance in your body. It leaves you feeling full and in a good mood to start your day.

  1. Exercise

Short exercises at the start of the day help keep your mind alert as it improves the blood circulation to the brain. Exercise also helps you eliminate sluggishness and sleepy feeling before starting your day. It is also a good way to hit your fitness goals before the day starts.

  1. Plan the day

There is never time to complete all the tasks for the day. Without a vision, a place to brain dump, a to-do list prepared and more, there is the likelihood that you are going to omit important tasks of the day or fail to hit your personal or professional deadlines. A plan helps you stay organized and efficient. I have created the perfect planner that will meet this need; The CUE the Queen: 90 Days of Confidence Planner provides the opportunity for you meet your goals and obtain success at any start date in the future. Pre-Order your planner here!


  1. Eat a healthy breakfast

Breakfast gives you the energy to get you started for the day. Eating a healthy breakfast fights the midmorning hunger pangs and helps you check on your physical fitness goals. Some of the recommended energy foods for the morning include flax seeds, oatmeal, almond milk, dried fruit and a cup of milk.

Have a healthy morning. Won’t you?