One of my personal favorite card games to play is UNO. I play this game against young people and adults. No matter who my opponents are, there is a tense, ultimate competition.

I actually find it quite thrilling to be forced to “draw 2” or be surprised by my neighbor who slams down the “draw 4” on the table. You know why? These plays are the best opportunities for great comebacks! Sometimes individuals or groups think they can hold you down by throwing down their best card, but you can still win! This is a savory, sweet taste of victory that can also be achieved in life. So what’s the strategy? How can you come back and win after being dealt a bad hand?

1.Keep your cool. 

You may want to fly off the handle when you have been dealt a bad hand. You might also feel the need the let everyone know how unhappy you are or engage in a pity party. Doing this allows your opponent to know they have you in a vulnerable place–don’t give them that satisfaction. Instead, relax, look at what is in your favor in front of you and make your best move.

2. Always remember you can come back from a setback. 

Mindset is everything. Stop speaking negativity to yourself, counting yourself out before you begin, being your own worst enemy. Instead, be your own cheerleader. Jump the highest and scream the loudest for yourself no matter how many cards of life you are holding. You can and will win with faith and determination!

3. Stay focused. 

Stay focused on your hand. Plan your next move. Put on your poker face and fake it until you make it. Don’t stop and look at the how few cards your opponents have or how happy they seem to be to lead the game. This is comparison–an unhealthy mental practice that must be unlearned. Being unfocused will distract you from executing your exit strategy.

4. Never quit because of what it looks like. 

Yes, you could give up… you could just throw all of your cards in and wave the white flag of defeat. But you would have never known the next play, a play that could have swiftly gotten you back into the lead. Who wants to live with questions or regrets? You could of, would of and should of stayed in the game!

5. Take it one step play at a time. 

There is no quick way to regain your lead quickly other than pacing yourself. Living in a microwave society has caused many to want a full course meal in 2 minutes, to win an entire game with one play. Trust the process. Be patient. Your UNO is coming!