My husband took me on a date to see Wonder Woman. I was absolutely amazed and in awe of all the lessons to be learned through this fictional, but very real character. I can’t block a bullet with my physical armor, but my mental armor is strong. Here is what we can all learn from this Wonder so that we can become a wonder ourselves:

1. Leave what is comfortable to pursue and possess all you are slated for. Wonder Woman lived in an isolated paradise, but she had to leave the life of luxury to pursue her goal. You will know without a doubt that you are slated for more when you don’t even want to live in comfort. Your desire will be to do the heavy work, take the punches and the bruises just because you know the outcome will be greater than your challenges. Live like a real queen; you don’t fight inside your palace—you leave it to be on the front lines. You will have to be willing to sacrifice everything, including your own life, to ensure that the world that surrounds you looks exactly as it should be: greater.

2. Know and share your purpose. Without question, Diana or “Wonder Woman”, could tell anyone and everyone that her purpose was to kill Aries, the God of War. Many of us know what our purpose is but we are afraid to share it. Like those who say, “I don’t want to call myself a coach, but…” Be bold enough to lead. Leaders will not only tell who they are leading, but also how they are forging ahead. If you don’t walk in that power and affirmation, who will take you serious when you arrive on the scene? Who will know what you are capable of? When you share your purpose, don’t tell them you are the princess; tell them you are the Queen.

3. Stay ready. After being trained and prepared as a child, Wonder Woman was ready to fight in any setting at any time of day. Whether you are at home, sitting by the pool or heading off to battle—I mean, work… stay ready for the job you are destined to do. Be confident enough to take off your jacket, fully armed and prepared to do all that you are called to do at any time in any place and in front of anyone.

4. Proceed (even without support) when pursuing your destiny. In the movie, there were two occasions where Wonder Woman had to walk away from those she thought should have had her back and went ahead with her mission anyhow. You host events but don’t see family in the audience. You sell books and noticed your best friend’s name is not on the order list. Does this stop you from being a prolific, inspirational speaker or best-selling, celebrated author? Absolutely not, Wonder Woman.

5. Fight with love and for the right reasons. Wonder Woman didn’t fight just because she was angry; she fought for the betterment and pursuance of peace in the world. A fight is a confrontation or a struggle. What do you need to confront? What are you struggling with? What are you fighting for and who are you fighting? Is the fight worth it? Can you even win the fight? What would the outcome be? After answering these questions for yourself, be sure to win the war inside you first.

6. Capture what you want with your personalized lasso. With all her might, Wonder Woman would throw out her lasso and capture villains to either make them tell the truth or to take them out. Be honest with yourself, what have you been thinking about, staring at, dreaming of that you have not yet captured? What are you waiting on? You have the authority to draw all that you desire to you… the question is, are you willing to throw the rope?

7. When someone tries to shoot you down, block it. Hands down (or up), Wonder Woman has some of the best accessories: bracelets. Do you have the necessary accessories and tools to block what others try to harm you with? Or are you weakened by someone or something grabbing hold of your arms? Let go of the discouraging words that family member said to you as a child. Block the bullets of lies told on you by a coworker. They see the gold you wear, the purpose over your life, and that is why they shoot. Hands up, block it!

You are already a wonder, Wonder Woman. Walk in confidence!