50 Ways To Overcome Depression and Reclaim Your Confidence

Sedentary lifestyle and rising economic crisis are two crucial factors that have created a very complicated condition among mankind called depression. It is caused by intense and constant stress, nutritional deficiency or even body chemical imbalance. It is possible to overcome depression without making use of medicine. This guide of 50 ways to get rid

UNO! 5 Strategies to Win the Game of Life

One of my personal favorite card games to play is UNO. I play this game against young people and adults. No matter who my opponents are, there is a tense, ultimate competition. I actually find it quite thrilling to be forced to "draw 2" or be surprised by my neighbor who slams down the "draw

3 Ways to Prevent Sexual Abuse & Chaos During the Holiday

The holidays should be fun, peaceful and enjoyable. Don't live in fear, but rather insight. Move forward with peace and without regret. Reduce chaos during your holiday by adhering to the following holiday pleas. 1. Understand that you are not looking for the boogie man. Predators, pedophiles and rapists don't look like the boogie man in

5 Curves That Bring Confidence

How can you find your curves? Surely, it is not from posing backwards to a camera. While there may be a curve there, this is not the curve that should be emphasized. Identify your curves through your life experiences! Everyone has a choice on how they will be shaped.  The Cupped Hands Be confident enough

8 Ways to be a Weight Lifter

Whether you are a bodybuilder or someone who encourages others, it is tough lifting weights. However, it is not impossible. Follow these recommended steps to discover a healthier, stronger you.

6 Ways to Cope While Smiling Through Pain

Have you ever questioned the purpose of smiling through pain? What is the point of pretending to be happy? I thought this time of my life ended after overcoming sexual abuse. These times will reappear in our lives. Even as coworkers call you names or bash you behind closed doors without getting to know you, you