Honoring Unsung Survivors of Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

i-McH9KXd-X2 - CopyThe mission of SheRose Awards is to recognize unsung survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence. SheRose Awards also recognizes unsung organizations who are committed to supporting survivors. The next ceremony will be held in 2017. If you would like to sponsor, partner or volunteer for this event, please contact us.

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SheRose Awards


tg0c8023-copy tg0c7483Orlando Q. Johnson

Sarah Mukibi

Sondra Scott

Don’t Touch Me

This unsung organization is a campaign to increase awareness of child molestation and provide support to its victims/survivors. The founder is Mishondy Wright-Brown.

Distinguished Panelists:

Constance Craig & Keyana Williams

Javon Frazier

Aisha Watson

Hannah Brancato

Kelsey Johnson

i-ssRbTWT-X3 - Copyi-b65bgsC-X2 - CopyMs. Flora Carter

Ms. Katina Dolford

Ms. Deborah Hamlette

Ms. Aisha Watson

National Association of Mothers & Daughters United Worldwide

Ms. Lakita Stewart-Thompson envisioned this unsung organization to be a community of mothers and daughters building relationships while serving communities together. Lakita wants to provide a safe-haven for women, children and families in need due to life altering circumstances. Her desire is also to be a resource for women and young girls to foster healthy relationships with one another.

1536562_1393625250859800_8057165319399388004_nMs. Alexus Hobbs

Dr. Cecelia Martin

Ms. Candace Saunders

Phoenix Rising Baltimore | This unsung organization is committed to giving victims & survivors of sexual abuse, assault & rape the opportunity to release themselves of the guilt, hurt, pain & stigma associated with this pandemic. Their goal is to promote healing one person at a time for all to emerge from the ashes of shame like a Phoenix Rising. The founders are Reah Idris, Tracy Eaddy and Nikasha Uqdah.


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Open Door Fellowship


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The Heavely Jewels Alliance

The Monument Quilt

Phynyx Ministries

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Open Door Fellowship

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Pandora, Carolyn Williams

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Damsel in Defense, Eldean K. Penn

Natalie Porter-McCuiston

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The Heavely Jewels Alliance

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Phynyx Ministries

The Umbrella Syndicate

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S.Monique Smith

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Past Highlights


I had no idea that when you finally unmute a 30+ year secret, it feels like the day after I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Savior. Refreshing, yet your body needs rest… Looking forward to what God has in store for my next assignment. Thank you for the platform to know that I’m not alone, the strength to break the dirt and to remind me that I’m planted, but not buried. But God! I slept through the night and awoke refreshed. The weight has been lifted!

Sondra Scott, 2016 Honoree

As a wife and mother of two young girls, I value the opportunity to empower women through forums such as yours, recognizing that we are the backbone of our families and our communities who will decide the future of public policy and politics, not only for the city or the state, but for this nation. With this in mind, it is extremely important to me that I do everything within my power to support, encourage, and uplift women. Thank you for your leadership in helping women seeking to turn their tragedy into triumph. Your efforts are appreciated and do not go unnoticed.

Marilyn Mosby, The Honorable Baltimore City States Attorney, 2015 Keynote Speaker

I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to be apart of this experience. You women are powerful beyond measure. Congrats again on your recognition.

Mrs. Mothyna James-Brightful , Heal a Woman to Heal a Nation, Inc., 2015 Attendee

Thank you for taking something that many swept under rugs and making it look glamorous! I am truly honored.

Ms. Tracy Eaddy, Phoenix Rising Baltimore Co-Founder, 2014 Honoree